General designer / Construction management

"Ertle Bud" is a Licenced General Designer. Our specialists can produce design documentation on all stages :

  - Stage "Esquis Design" or Basic Design for Civil Buildings

  - Stage "TEO" or Basic Design for Industrial Buildings

  - Stage "P" or Detailed Design

  - Stage "R" or Work Execution Drawings

We have a long experience of work with international engineering companies and the “adaptation“ of their project to local norms.

"Ertle Bud" can also handled all autorisations and obtain the construction permit in the name of its clients. 

Therefore, we can propose EPC contracts (Engineering Procurement Construction + permits) and take over the whole responsibility of your project from land purchase to state reception.

We also propose :

 - Technical Supervision Services

 - Stand-Alone Audit, would they be of a Project under Construction or under Design.

 - Structural audits of existing buildings.