Why us?

  • We are specialists. Our staff doing Concrete Works performs only concrete works, our engineers, managing construction sites, are 100% dedicated to it. We only work with specialists when we subcontract.

    As obvious as it may seem, for those who know the Ukrainian reality, we are one of few companies that operates this way. That is how we can guarantee quality and performance at the best price.

  • Our management is European, it means that we are people who do not only speak your language, but also think as you. What benefits this can bring: it gives you direct access to information on the phone (in case if you do not speak Russian or Ukrainian) and in all cases it will mean for you greater ease of contract management. We set ourselves up as partners with our Clients and we understand that to implement a project is to walk together towards a common goal.
  • We can offer lump sum contracts. It is very common practice in Western Europe for obvious budgetary reasons. This type of contractual relationship is not often locally used as it is misunderstood and does not enter the local culture.